Electronic Vibrant Volume Mascara

Electronic Vibrant Volume Mascara

Electronic vibrant mascara with 3 settings.

Choose your settings and then let the brush do the work.

Micro vibrating action allows every single lash to be coated evenly.

The vibration of the brush coats each individual lash 360º degrees around.

Controlled application, so each lash is perfectly defined with no clumping.

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The Electronic Vibrant Volume Mascara by Isabelle Dupont is a micro-vibrating 360º coated lash mascara.

The vibration helps the brush coat each individual lash, whether it’s short and even lashes that are hard to reach. You end up with defined and separated lashes after using the electronic volume mascara.

There are three settings on the 9 ml. mascara so you can choose how defined you want your lashes. If you want lashes that are extremely full of length and volume, why not go for the 3rd setting? Or for an everyday look, you can keep the setting of the mascara as it is – just don’t forget to push the button for the electronic mascara to do its work.

As the brush does the job, there will be no clumping in sight as the brush ensures a controlled application, so each lash is perfectly defined.

This mascara is perfect for those that want to have an option of different lash styles. No matter which setting you choose, you will have fuller and longer lashes with the Isabel Dupont Electronic Vibrant Volume Mascara.

How to use:

1) Push the button to activate the micro-vibrating wand.

2) Apply at the root of your lashes to extend smoothly your lash tringe, up to the tip of the lash line.

3) For a natural result , 2 or 3 strokes are enough. For a dramatic result apply as you would with your everyday mascara.

4) Push the button again to stop the micro vibrating wand.


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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 14 cm


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