Matte Mousse Foundation

Matte Mousse Foundation

Lightweight mousse foundation

Reduces lines and wrinkles.

Creamy texture allows an easy application.

Even looking skin tone.


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The Dream Finish Foundation by Isabelle Dupont is a matte mousse foundation that is lightweight and easy to apply. So, if you’re looking for a subtle daytime look then this is the foundation to get!

This matte foundation is a light-normal coverage foundation. The creamy formula allows easy application and homogeneous skin result with a beautiful coverage. As the foundation is lightweight, it doesn’t dry or clog the skin.

Mousse foundations are easy to blend so it doesn’t take a lot of time until you have light-normal coverage on your face. The pigments inside ensure long wear during the day and gives your face a refreshing look.

To get the best coverage, we recommend using a foundation brush to apply the foundation evenly to your face. If you don’t have one around, you can use your fingers as the foundation is so easy to blend.

The matte foundation formula is based on a silicone elastomer and a blend of hi-tech powders. The Matte Mousse Foundation is 18 gr.


Use the colour chart displayed in the pictures to help you choose the right colour for your skin tone. Also, please note colours may appear slightly different because of lighting and photo quality.

Additional information

Weight 0.070 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm

MF 01, MF 02, MF 03, MF 04, MF 05, MF 06, MF 07, MF 08


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